From Coasters up to Supramax

What we carry?

Basically and simply- Everything! From where to where? Forget the borders, world is all yours.

Would be honest to say that, we have a master degree in Fertilizers due to very long co-operation chance we had by being Eurochem Trading and Eurochem Agro's panel brokers starting even before Aqua and presently Samsung C+T Fertilizer Division's solution partners as well as their Steels division.

Not only clean commodities like grains, soda ash and fertilizers we carry, we also like the dirty side! All kind of coke and coals also our specialty as well as the mines and raw materials. Ask us whatever you want to know, will be pleased to give you our reference accounts.

New generation brokerage services


In 2017 February, when we decided to start our own journey, it took a while to decide what company name would represent us the best. We were a young, dynamic, solution oriented team not believing borders, having principles turned into friends in years from all around the world making us love what we do everyday. That's how Aqua Chartering came up. Something to keep everyone connected to each other in the best possible way would be "Aqua" itself only.

Since day 1, we decided to be a kind of company we always wanted to be a part of, "A bunch of young people working without time limits, trust and relay each other the most and have fun while doing all these!" and it worked pretty well. We define ourselves as a "Boutique Brokering House" serving our principals' in a "Haute Couture" way knowing every company has different needs and solutions- and that's why we are their solution partners. Otherwise it would be a pity fixing the vessels, offering the standards and not adding any additional value with our services and offer the standard. In 2020, July, things started to get even better for us! We congratulated the new partnership and welcome dear Mr. Okan TUNALI on board and say "The More , The Merrier!"

We invite you to forget the standard shipping and experience new generation brokerage services we offer.

New generation brokerage services



New generation brokerage services